5 More Tools to Master Social Media Operation

After reading about the privouse introduction of Coffee Onlie, are you considering about putting your coffee online now? Maybe you have already created yours. If so, do you know how to decide what content to post and how to reach influential funs on your account? Except for the official analysis tool from social media platforms, here we will some other necessities that help you learn the potential of your account and master social media operation. Since Facebook insight works pretty well, we will concentrate on analysis tools for WordPress, Twitter and Instagram. And the most important point is that you can enjoy some free use.


    This is a strong tool for Twitter account analysis. You can choose to analyze uses you follow or users following your account. With this platform, you can locate your followers analyzing their gender and age structure, know the active time of your followers and analyze the time of retweets.



    As the name describes, TweetReach tells you about how far your Tweet can reach by snapshot report. It includes graphs showing how many of the tweets were sent by users with specific amount of followers.



    EditFlow is a plugin for WordPress. It can make your management much easier, especially for multimanager WordPress account. You can view the accumulated contents within a calendar model which makes it clear to read. It can also keep your users organized by department or function.



    Instagram doesn’t have its own effective analysis tool. But foturnately, many platforms are eatablished to make for it. And Iconosquare is one of them. With this analysis system, you can know the total amount of likes of the account and that for each picture you posted. It also tells you which the most popular tags with a list. Besides, the increasing trends of followers are shown up as well. The first seven days are for free.



    This is a general analytical tool for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can track your followers well with Simplymeasured. It helps you catch who is your best follower with most engagement. Only part of the report is available for free. But it already can tell something for small or individual companies. And by using the other tools, you are able to get a integrate image on your social media accounts.




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