How to be successful on Facebook without investment?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform and most of the companies have their page on it. It is already known that they can pay for the advertisement on Facebook. However, there are some ways to be successful on Facebook, without any investment. We will tell you the three points which you should do if you want to be successful without investment.

advertisement facebook に対する画像結果

1, Target the right people

When the company started to use the new social media platforms, they tends to focus on the posting including content but, not the targeting because you want to get attention from users. But at this point, we want you to re-think about your customer.

Who do you want to take contact on Facebook?

Even though you invest a lot for the design of the page, contents, or social media strategy, if you have mismatching of customers you want to target and the different target, it doesn’t mean anything. Therefore, choose the right people and create a content which fits your target.

2, Remember your purpose

There are a lot of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, We chat and so on. Different users use the different platforms, so you might choose the platform depending on your purpose. Most of the people who visits your Facebook is your customers. So, we want to ask you, why did you choose Facebook?

If you really want you get new customers, you have to make the connection stronger with the current customers first, make a promotion for them to urge their sharing your post, and then you finally get interest from the new customers.

Purpose on the platform you use, and take the proper steps to reach your goals.

3, Care about your customers as yourself.

It sounds like not professional, however, if it is not interesting for you, your customers are not interested in it. If you are hesitating to be active on taking contact with them, they are not going to take contact with you. It can be said that you and your customers are mirrors.

Generally speaking, relationship between a person and a person is a mirror, and it is the same thing both in B-to-B or B-to-C marketing. Therefore, take a moment and think if it is really interesting for you.


Finally, we want to emphasis that it is possible to be successful on social media, not only because you can work on off-line strategy, but you even can approach to the customers who have never tries your products or who did not know about your company.

Therefore, remember the three points target the right people, be on purpose, and enjoy it yourself.

Feel free to contact us if you have anything.



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