Case study on Twitter : Gulf News’s the headline news on cup holder

Today, I’m going to show you successful collaboration between GULF NEWS and TIM HORTONS.

As you see, it is very effective and interesting marketing method. They analyzed consumer’ behavior, then used QR code and twitter for collaborate marketing strategy.


With the continued increase the smart phones users, the demand of subscriber their newspaper is decreased. As the effects of this trend, they need some creative solutions. Finally, Gulf news combined the morning coffee and newspaper for their subscribers. They planned marketing strategy with Twitter ‘Tim Hortons’ coffee using QR code. So consumer can enjoy fresh coffee with fresh news on the Gulf News’ twitter timeline in real time.


When customers order coffee, the latest news on the time is printed on coffee holders through QR code.As a result, Gulf news have sold 210,000 of newspapers in January but in April, they have sold 840,000 of newspaper. It was amazing accomplishment. Also in twitter, the followers jumped by 2900.


In addition, Tim Hortons is benefit from these phenomenon that 14 stores were increasedThis twitter marketing is the result reflecting the consumer’s life style very well and much newer and better than traditional marketing.


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