Boosting Your Loyalty Program With Social Media

A loyalty program could be a great way to nurture current customers and boost sales, but without putting it on the spotlight, engagement and number of membership may stagnate. This is where social media can be a perfect companion platform for such an initiative.

Engagement between loyalty programs and social media as a two way street and it would be a huge mistake to keep the two separate, because there’s always space for them to grow both together.

A loyalty program can bring awareness to your social channels, and help you build your following by offering points for following social media profiles. Similarly, social can be used to generate curiosity and send people over to your website to check out the loyalty program, sign up, and get more incentives to stick around.

Here are 3 things you can do to create a symbiosis between your program and social media and maximize the effectiveness of your loyalty program:

Promote your rewards programs

The very first thing to do on social media is building awareness among both new and existing customers. Whenever a reward program, a new feature, or new content related to loyalty program is introduced, make sure that they will be widely spread on your platforms.

Advanced move: If your loyalty program has already has a mountain of customers, consider create a separated account just for updating loyalist exclusive information, like Xbox Live and Starbucks have done. (This is also an interesting way to share user-generated content later to rewards as people love sharing their rewards on social).


Show your customers how and why they should join

Video is another important feature that that’s is rising in popularity on social channels. Obviously, videos have been around for a while, but live video is relatively young and brands are only beginning to utilized Facebook Live or Periscope to bring attention to their brand and products in the here-and-now.

Special guests and new product releases are great ideas for you videos which will interest your followers, and be sure that some of the information and benefits that link the topics you’re covering with your loyalty program is included. The greatest thing about live video is that it can be saved and watched later, but while it’s happening, everyone in your network who’s online will get notification. This power outruns traditional video in grabbing many curious eyes.

Advanced move: Use live video to promote experiential rewards – if you’re doing a giveaway for something like a behind-the-scenes tour, spa trip, or exclusive travel, be sure to let people know on live video.

Create better advertisements

That customers want a more personal experience is what we have heard a lot in the recent years. They are fed up with one-size-fits-all ads and offers.

A loyalty program is unique because members are often willing to submit personal information, like interests and preferences, as a part of the sign-up process. A great loyalty program will go a step further and even offer a small reward in return for some extra information, allowing you to refine your targeting even further. Use that to your (and your customers’) benefit and offer different types of rewards based on these preferences.

You’re probably already using advertisements to introduce your products to new potential fans and customers, but try encouraging loyalty program sign-up by advertising to your current fans, too (exclusive offers for members, anyone?) And, of course, if you’re running contests, special offers or giveaways, create ads for those, too, targeting a combined audience of current and future customers.

Advanced move: Export details from your loyalty program members lists and import them into Facebook target ads to your current members, as well as to Facebook Lookalike audiences, which can help you pick up some new customers. A great loyalty program like Antavo will let you do this with ease.


Wouldn’t it be great if customers could encourage referrals and be rewarded for it, just by sharing a product page from your website on Facebook? Then when their friends click through and later make a purchase, the customer who shared your Page gets rewarded, making it well worth their sharing effort.

pasted image 0.png

A dynamic loyalty program makes this possible and we certainly encourage it, because referrals are the most powerful type of new customer you can get. In fact, they have a 37% higher retention rate than the customers businesses acquire through advertising.


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