Prime example “Nescafe Greece”


Recently, many firms use their SNS channel for marketing. There is no question that Social media marketing is a new and different tool of advertising. One social network in particular to note is FACEBOOK. Facebook is one of the most powerful tool for marketing especially because it connects people from around the world – over 500 million people are already using this social media platform. That is, how well the firms using their Facebook for marketing is directly linked with the image of enterprise, further attracts new customers.


As there are a lot of functions in Facebook like contest, promotion or alarm, almost all big coffee firms or café already use their Facebook page for marketing. Unlike twitter, Facebook is easier to post big context over 400 letters and also to upload images and videos. Actually, firms have to consider that the degree of user participation is high, so that the most important step in the marketing strategy is the customer interaction. Increasing value of client interaction is the way of successful Social Media Marketing.


There are a lot of remarkable stories of success on increasing the value of customers’ interaction. However, what we are going to talk about is the case of ‘Nescafe Greece’. The ‘Nescafe Greece’ is commonly considered the successful Facebook marketing story in the coffee industry. Nescafe is one of the biggest global coffee firm in the world. This brand is made by Nestle which began developing an instant coffee brand in 1930. Above all, Nescafe Greece has attracted people’s attention using a display effect and also has recognized that good at using visual effects on Facebook.

They uploaded the cover photo which was full with amount of coffee beans in a transparent box. As the number of LIKEs grew, the coffee beans disappeared so users could see the Nescafe’s new product.This is the photo when Nescafe Greece started their event. As you see, people couldn’t find the appearance of the new product, but with the growing number of Likes, the amount of beans decreased and finally the new product appeared. For this event, Nescafe Greece became popular just 22 hours after it began.


Nescafe Greece is the popular case which illustrates, that some firms are using the tool of social media platforms (Facebook) very well. They can use Facebook’s own visual effects properly and communicate with customers. Creativity, originality and communication interaction, this is the reason why Nescafe Greece is picked up as the successful case of the usage of SMM.


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