Why social media? Be successful online.

              A lot of companies using social media platforms to promote their products and to get attention from the customers. However, there are only a few companies which is being successful on the social media platforms. For the main reason, they use social media as a place for advertisement.

              Originally, social media is defined as the platform where company and customers can communicate each other. Customers can participate for the social media by like, share or comment on the post. This is the biggest difference between social media and advertisement. Advertisement is information that only company can post, and customer just receive it. Therefore, social media is important for the companies to get feedback and get closed with the customers.


             Again, you have to remember that social media is not the place for advertisement. The content should be special, it’s can be seen only on the social media, so it is attractive. So you should know about the customers, and post something your customer might be interested in. For example, you get likes if the article is interesting or useful, and they share your post if they feel they want to tell it to someone. 

              So now, let’s start from getting to know about your customer and what they want. When you feel you are friendly to the customers, then it means you successful!


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