Using the internet to create huge awareness – a prime example the „Coffee in a cone“

Nowadays a lot of new innovations are made every single day – and unfortunately most of them never get famous because nobody pays attention to these products or don’t have any chance to get in contact with this innovation. In this case, internet and especially social media platforms may be a useful tool for creating more awareness. That is what the Grind Coffee Company took advantage of after they created this new and creative coffee innovation:

A coffee which is served inside a chocolate-lined ice cream cone and topped off with foaming milk in a heart shape.


After the owner Dayne Levinrad had worked in Brazil, Australia and America he launched the first coffee in a cone in his hometown in Johannesburg in January and with this he created a niche in the coffee creation sector. And now he is really successful with that. This success is obviously, among others, also the result of the huge social media presence. Dayne wanted to blend the internet’s love of coffee and social media, because he knew that the coffee market in Johannesburg is quite competitive because of the large amount of existing coffee shops, so he chose social media for raising awareness for his innovation.


Now the concept of creating the suitable cone and selling coffee in it has been patented and it is become the latest Instagram food craze.

The hashtag #coffeeinacone was used over one million times and the owner claims his product is the most instagrammed product ever. And it is not just Instagram which has been integral to the success, Dayne has also a WhatsApp hotline for takeaway orders.

For more information, click on the following link:


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