Go Online or Die! But why?

Going online will lead your newborn coffee shop to a longer lifetime – Here are our four main reasons for this predication!

1. Create more awareness


Especially for new established and small coffee shops, which probably offer qualitatively good coffee and which may have a nice ambiance in their shop, it’s the most difficult part at the beginning of their business to create a large awareness level in a short time. But that’s really important as they have to be profitable in a shorter time compared to big companies especially because of financial aspects.

Of course you, as a coffee shop owner, could wait for costumers, who are walking down the street, entering your coffee shop and maybe this will even happen when you catch their attention with some special posters or the like but why so complicated and unprofitable? By using social media plattforms, having your own blog and a facebook page, you easily have the chance to create the first touchpoint between your coffee shop and potential costumers! By chosing this way, YOU don’t have to wait for costumers to cross your street and be aware of your new café but THEY have the chance to get detailed information about you – no matter where they are situated. So go ahead and chose they easier way!

2. Emphasize your competitive advantage with the help of social media


Every coffee shop should have an unique selling point – for example a really comfortable ambiance created by the choice of furniture, a wonderful garden surrounded by beautiful plants, special coffee cups or even the preparation process of the coffee. It doesn’t matter what you think YOUR unique selling point is BUT the internet gives you the chance to let all coffee lovers know what it is! Photos of your café or even short videos can have a huge persuasiveness on the choice of potential costumers – and the best is, it doesn’t take too much effort to create them! To sum up, you can use social media plattforms as a simple tool to create the first experience between coffee consumers and your café.

3. Increase your profitability via social media


Having a business in the gastronomy sector always goes along with uncertainty concerning daily incomes. Why? Because there are always certain days in a week where relatively fewer customers enter the store – especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. At this point you could use the internet to make these days more profitable. How? An example: On Mondays and Tuesdays mostly students go out to have another coffee after class, usually because they often don’t have to wake up so early. This could be your chance! A special offer to students, for example a discount, could lead to more orders on these days and – as we all know – younger people usually use platforms (like Facebook) often a day, so this could be the perfect way to adress them!

4. Let your costumers generate content about you


UGC – user generated content means that with the help of the internet – and especially with the help of social media platforms – you can give your satisfied costumers the chance to talk about your taditional and comfortable coffeeshop or even give them the possibility to tag themselves at your place – as a result of that, all their friends will know in which fancy store they had their last cup of coffee! With this tool you have three advantages at once – first of all this is another way to get more attention and awareness in a fast and easy way and second, your potential costumers get more and more detailed information without having to do something on your own. And last but not least you have your first reviews which is – especially nowadays where people have to deal with information overload – an important touchpoint for interested potential costumers.


Now, it’s your turn …

We hope you, as a owner of a newborn coffee shop, can now follow and understand why “going online” is so important nowadays! And please don’t be afraid to contact us if you want to have more information and maybe a guide who helps you entering the online world.


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