Coffee goes online

Thinking about the wonderful country Italy, traditional coffee is one of the first things that comes in most peoples‘ mind. Besides, italian coffee consumers are very picky concerning their coffee habits and they attach great importance to the product quality. Often many italians prefer little traditional coffee shops and companies. As a result, there are tons of competitive companies in the italian coffee market trying to attract these customers. The huge amount of alternatives makes it more and more difficult for customers finding the best decision and selecting the most delicious coffee brand.


For this reason, nowadays customers use the internet and social media platforms to find information about existing cafés. That is where GOOD comes into play. GOOD is an acronym which stands for “go online or die “. This expresses that in the era of e-commerce and permanent online presence, go online is an inevitable trend that companies should follow to be up to date.


As a consultancy company we can help you getting more and better presence in the world of the internet. As we are specialized in small and medium companies who do not have much knowledge of the world wide web we want to accompany you and help you to gain more awareness especially in social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and wordpress.

Be not afraid to contact us and ask for detailed information.



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